Financial Planning

Our approach to financial planning starts with you.

At Unfold we begin by analyzing you: your goals and your tax situation. We look to understand where you are and where you’re going, and proactively work to minimize tax and grow your investments to realize your goals.

Financial Outcomes

  • Clarity on your goals
  • Development and execution of a plan
  • A long-term relationship where we make adjustments  as needed into the future
  • The proactive use of tax and the active management of your the tax bill
  • Estate planning


Tax advice and advisory services, as a companion to the financial planning work.

Our tax services are a natural extension of financial planning, and include personal and corporate tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll and GST/HST filings.


  • Personal trust and touch for client information 
  • Strategic tax planning that considers your financial plan
  • A continuation of the trusted relationship developed during our financial planning process


Unfold has participated in strategic financial planning and retirement seminars across Canada for a range of Federal, Provincial and municipal employees, large unions, and private companies for over 30 years.

Our seminars focus on how to maximize the financial planning process, how to create your own plan, implications of tax planning, tax rates, deferrals, and more.


  • Financial management
  • Tax considerations
  • Risk management
  • Estate and legal concerns
  • Investment planning
  • Retirement and income needs
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